MDnetwork meets your transcription needs across the organization…

>> For the PHYSICIAN: A solution that fully respects, supports and enhances current practice habits.


•  Physician Focus: Speed and customization by login. View and workflow by individual preference.


•  Full choice of input options: Open system supports phone-in, digital handhelds, tablet computers, etc.


•  Leverage Hospital Infrastructure: Enhance document access, coding, transcription costs, etc. Single link to lab results with options for layered graphing, triggered alerts, etc.


•  24/7 Secure web access to all documents from the office, home, ward… from any web enabled location or device or from the enterprise's network. Use fast multiple search criteria by patient, physician, work type, location, date of service, referring physician, etc.


•  Review, edit and sign-off reports with full electronic signature support: Meets and exceeds HCFA, JCAHO, and HIPAA requirements. Rapid edit and sign-off workflow.


•  Dual signature and edit: For PA's, ARNP's, medical students, etc.


•  Distribute and receive reports at electronic speed via fax, printers, or secure web. Same day or STAT distribution and secure web access to reports for referring physicians, diagnostic images, etc. Single click fax capability (and full audit trail tracking and reporting) from report view.


•  Deficiency Analysis: Real time analysis and feedback to physician by custom criteria to support drug study or treatment protocols, chronic disease management, coding level analysis, interface to evidence-based knowledge base, decision support, expert systems, etc.


•  Report Centric Communication: Real-time, electronic communication and continuum of care with all providers, case managers, etc. integrated into the view of each note.




>>For the Medical Records Management:


•  Simple and comprehensive reports: Standard and customizable statistical and system reports including turnaround time, audit trail, entire workflow closed loop reconciliation capability, etc.


•  Open real time views of all workflow processes: Automated reconciliation means proactively identifying and managing only what requires attention rather than the entire document workflow.


•  Sophisticated document distribution or importation: Automated and on-the-fly routing to remote printers, fax, or e-mail notification of in-box delivery. Full audit trail on all view, access, and distribution. Full support for importation to Chartscript, Meditech and all other major systems.


•  Locate, access and manage all of your reports: 24/7 at any time from any web enabled location.


•  Fail safe recovery: Three levels of back-ups, detailed document audit trails, reliable, secure and redundant servers, etc. all insure that no report that has been placed on the system is ever lost. Global Disaster Recovery within 20 minutes.


•  Reduce Chart Pulls and Phone Traffic by creating automatic routing and secure access.


•  Unlimited Storage: Both voice and reports remain available with full audit trail.




>>For the CIO, CEO, and CFO:


•  Billing/Coding Support: In strategic partnership with 3M, integrated remote coding and analysis of dictation for full reimbursement and complete liability protection.


•  Encourage patient inflow: Multiple proven mechanisms to help drive patient flow from key clinicians and group practices. Full HL7 and DICOM support to display and route images, reports, etc.


•  Enterprise-strength scalability and availability: Not web-enabled, but built on the newest .net, web services and XML standards for enhanced integration with legacy systems and future development.


•  System security through role based access control, comprehensive audit trails, support for digital certificates, 128 bit SSL, and support for LDAP integration.


•  Proven HL-7 bi-directional interfaces: Upload reports to HIS systems, populate electronic patient record systems without orphan records, and integrate with deficiency systems.


•  Full support for auditing line counts: Monitor and protect contract terms.